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Nutrition program with personalized plans

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Shop Your Dream Body And Move to Optimal Health.

Looking for a Nutrition program with personalized plans that helps you lose weight and improve health without giving up on your favorite foods. You are in the right place. No Shakes, No Pills! Eat Your own food! Welcome to Gritslim. 

Confidence & Good health awaits you.

Pioneer Grit Slimmers

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This gritslim mother of 2, joined gritslim to get her body back and improve her health. She loved that her plan was personalized, she enjoyed the daily coaching and love the gritslim detox tea as it kept away bloating and constipation.

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  • Back To Basics Bootcamp!

    Hey Gritslimmer! Happy New year Ready to make 2024 THE LAST YEAR to worry about WEIGHT? We Got U!
    Valid for 2 months
    • ✅ 6 REALITIC Meal Plans that you can shuffle and use forever
    • ✅Accountability Group to help you stay Disciplined & Focused
    • ✅One on One Coaching with our Health & Nutrition Team
    • No ❌Gym involved (unless you want to)
    • No ❌restrictive dieting /shakes or smoothies Involved
    • ✅ 10k Steps/Day Challenge
    • ✅ 4 Complimentary Meal Plan
    • ✅ Portion Control Guidelines
    • ✅ 3 Zoom Check Ins and Q & A Sessions
    • ✅ A copy of "Healthy Living Simplified" for 1st 10
  • Weight loss with PCOS

    Every month
    • ✔️2 Intermittent fasting meal to control insulin levels and
    • ✔️ Supplement recommendations to manage PCOS
    • ✔️Carb recycling tips to manage insulin and blood glucose le
    • ✔️Top high fiber foods & high fiber foods to control blood g
    • ✔️Recommended low intensity workouts to improve insulin sens
    • ✔️Top Magnesium rich foods to balance hormones
    • ✔️Daily access to a certified Nutritionist
    • ✔️Tips to reduce hunger cravings, fatigue and recycle energy

    ✔️Perfect for beginners of a fitness and wellness journey.
    Valid for one month
    • ✔️Your personalized meal plans and daily coaching.
    • ✔️Body Type Diagnosis and Portion control techniques
    • ✔️Stress Management and Unlearning Unhealthy eating habits
    • ✔️Basic guidelines to avoid weight regain
    • ✔️Body composition calculation for optimal fat loss
    • ✔️Basic guideline to build and sustain discipline
    • ✔️ Strict monitoring and follow up
    • ✔️ Access to a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach
    • ✔️Access to a support group to sustain motivation
    • ✔️2 one on one progress evaluations for personal struggles.

    10-12LBS and 3-5 inches of waistline
    Valid for one month
    • ✔️Body Type Diagnosis
    • ✔️2 Personalized Meal Plans
    • ✔️Carb recycling to maximize energy burn
    • ✔️1 Flush Guide With Recipe
    • ✔️10 Tips to Blast Tummy
    • ✔️Daily Access to A Nutritionist
    • ✔️Exercise tips to tighten core
    • ✔️Strict monitoring and follow up
    • ✔️Access to a support group to sustain motivation
    • ✔️2 progress Evals to work on personal nutrition issues

    Perfect for intense weight loss & waistline reduction
    Valid for one month
    • ✔️ Body Type Diagnosis ✔️Body Composition Calculation
    • ✔️2 Meal Plans ✔️10 Tips to Blast Tummy Fats
    • ✔️Stress Management ✔️Daily Access to A Nutritionist
    • ✔️2 Progress Evals and 2 assessments
    • ✔️Home Exercises for All Body Types
    • ✔️Weight maintenance plan to avoid weight regain
    • ✔️Access to a support group for sustain motivation
    • ✔️Exercise tips for waistline and arm fat
    • ✔️Guide 2 increased energy expenditure 2 maximize fat loss

    A Plan for New Moms for healthy weight loss
    Valid for one month
    • ✔️Weekly Personalized Meal plans ✔️2 progress evals
    • ✔️Stress Management ✔️ Sleep Prompts
    • ✔️Foods To Increase Breast Milk Flow ✔️2 weekly assessments
    • ✔️Tips to shrink uterus and reduce tummy
    • ✔️Test for abdominal separation
    • ✔️Exercise guide to reverse abdominal separation
    • ✔️Strict monitoring and follow up
    • ✔️Lifestyle tips to maximize fat loss
    • ✔️Core habits to facilitate weight loss
    • ✔️Access to a certified nutritionist
    • ✔️Techniques to build and sustain discipline
    • ✔️Access to a support group to sustain motivation

    Perfect to manage diabetes and lose weight
    Valid for one month
    • ✔️3 Nutritional Counseling Sessions
    • ✔️Best Foods to Reduce Diabetes ✔️2 progress evals
    • ✔️Access to A Nutritionist
    • ✔️Exercise guideline for diabetic patients
    • ✔️2 personalized meal plans
    • ✔️Lifestyle tips to manage/reverse diabetes
    • ✔️Strict monitoring and follow up
    • ✔️Cleanse guide to detox the system
    • ✔️List of potassium rich food to support kidney health

    Perfect For High Blood Patients
    Valid for one month
    • ✔️ Stress Management Techniques
    • ✔️10 Tips to Blast Tummy Fats ✔️3 Progress Evals
    • ✔️2 Personalized Meal Plans ✔️List of Foods To Avoid
    • ✔️Strict monitoring and follow up
    • ✔️Lifestyle tips to reduce blood pressure
    • ✔️Daily Access to a certified nutritionist
    • ✔️Sleep management tips to improve rest
    • ✔️Cleanse guide to unburden liver and kidney
  • Best Value

    Fruitarian Flush

    Valid for one week
    • ✔️3 Days Fruitarian Flush Plan
    • ✔️2 Natural Detox Recipes
    • ✔️1 Checking In
    • ✔️1 Progress Eval
    • ✔️List of super weight loss food
    • ✔️Transition tips to avoid weight regain

    Perfect for pregnant mothers looking to stay Energetic
    Valid for 3 months
    • ✔️2 Personalized Meal Plans
    • ✔️Daily Follow Up
    • ✔️Stress Management ✔️ Sleep Prompts
    • ✔️List of Iron and Calcium rich foods
    • ✔️Strict monitoring and follow up
    • ✔️List of Energy rich foods
    • ✔️Exercise guideline to ease delivery
    • ✔️Lifestyle tips to minimize excessive weight gain
    • ✔️Access to a certified nutritionist
    • ✔️4 progress evals to work on personal struggles


At The Grit Empire LLC, we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve formed with our valued customers over the years. We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you and invite you to submit your own testimonial today.

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"No matter the temptation, Don't give up! consistency is key."