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Postpartum Snap Back & Glow Up bundle

Postpartum Snap Back & Glow Up bundle

This combo is specifically designed for postpartum Mothers to help them sleep better and get back to their glowing best. The quality of breastmilk is not affected.

It comes with:

* 1 Chamomile tea

* 1 Gritslim 28 days detox tea

* 1 Organic Shea Butter

Chamomil tea will Aid Sleep and Reduce Stress and anxiety. Enhances mental clarity and soothes muscle spasms while the Gristlim detox tea will  Cleanse and Detox, Improve Digestion, Reduce Bloating, Burn Belly Fats, Boost Metabolism, Increases Energy, Reduce Appetite, and Flush out Toxins when taken as directed by our nutritionist.

We all know the soothing qualities of shea butter, it will soothe the stretched mommy tummy and heal stretch marks over time.


Green, chamomile, Organic shea butter + 1 homemade hydration recipe (snap back 2.0)
(Postpartum snap back & glow up bundle )

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